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World Packaging Organization member organization

World Packaging Organization member organization

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) consisted of worldwide packaging institutes, federations and committee associations of all countries (regions). It was constructed in September, 1968 as a non-profit organization for purpose of common interest of packing industry. And it was affiliated with United Nations Industrial Development Organization as consultation institute and member of the Commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It worked closely with International Trade Centre. 

     WPO aims to promote international packing industry.

     Being subject to the State Council for approval, CEPI joined WPO in 1978. CEPI is standing director unit and represents China in charge of daily business with WPO.

     There are 65 formal and subsidiary members of WPO. Asian Packaging Federation, Europe Packaging Federation, African Packaging Organization and Latin America Packaging organization are members of WPO. WPO adopt four stages of membership: Formal member (have right to vote), formal member (no right to vote), subsidiary member and member of honors.
     President, vice president and general secretary of WPO are elected by members of WPO. The tenure is three years. The general secretary is responsible for routine work of secretariat. The current secretariat is established in Sweden. Mr.KeithPearson from Africa assumed president; Mr.CarlOlsmats from Sweden served as general secretary.

     The aims of WPO are: To accelerate promotion of packaging technique, science and engineering; to boost packing technique and production; to provide forum for whom interested in future packaging; to monitor and communicate issues of packing industry productive forces, environmental protection and consumer’s health  and safety with member unit; to create optimal reservation ,conservancy and shipping of commodities; contribute to international trade; to provide consultancy for establishing packing organization and activities; to provide information of packing knowledge, education and training. 
     WPO held two council meetings annually to hear reports of president as well as discuss and authorize projects and budgets for the coming year and carry out other activities such as selecting WorldStar prize. There are Board of Education and special working party in WPO.

     Official language of WPO is English. Conferences are held in various countries annually. Moreover, WPO provides information services through internet around all members. (Regions)

     Official website:

     Contact department: international cooperation office     Contact: XU Ting      Phone:010-84241236